COVID 19 UPDATE (For Parties & Entertainment)


As you are all aware due to COVID-19 the Entertainment world has changed massively

and we have had a few people ask us about the most recent restriction changes

which came into effect Saturday 15th August.


The following changes have happened that affects our business and the way you choose to host your parties

going forward (unless a change happens again) are:




You are now allowed indoor parties either that be in a local hall (due to discretion of halls & rules apply) or

at home inside which means your party does not have to be held in just the garden

HOWEVER the rules still stand at no more than 30 people present at the party from any households

& this includes the entertainer & any other staff needed.

Social Distancing must still be held at 2 meters or 1 meter if not able to distance 2 meters.


We will keep you updated on any new changes that happen.


If you have any questions please message the page and we will be happy to answer any questions to the the best of our knowledge.


We look forward to Creating More Forever Lasting Memories with you all.