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Ash-Lee Entertainment was created by two best friends, both being Professional Dancers & entertaining the next generation through Dance, as well as having a huge interest in comics & Superheroes. One working weekends for Entertainment Companies & the other working on learning the social media world.


They both worked together to understand the Children's Entertainment Business & their aim was to give Children, Families & Friends the best & realist experience possible when hiring a Character for an event/ occasion. 


It started small with just Spider-Man & soon Children, Families & Friends witnessed how the two best friends brought so much joy & happiness to children's parties & events.

The word spread fast, thanks to every person that witnessed their entertainment & spoke about it with their friends & families which has helped to continue building what you see today.


They have now built an amazing team of Entertainers & have a wide range of Movie Grade Characters available from Princesses, Superheroes, Fortnite, Ninja's, Power Ranger, Star Wars & even our 7FT OPTIMUS PRIME & BUMBLEBEE TRANSFORMERS.


Ash-Lee Entertainment has worked with & helped different Charities

(Mind, Little Haven's Hospice, Gold Geese, Dream Factory, Cancer Research, Young Carers)

also they have worked with different Worldwide Companies

(Odeon, Sky, Adidas, JD Sports, Disney, Footlocker, ITV, Monster Products, 02)


We aim to keep pushing boundaries with

Entertainment Creating Forever Lasting Memories.
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