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Ash-Lee Entertainment privacy policy will explain how their website, and related pages, use and protect all of your, the customers information, that is submitted via these pages.

Ash-Lee Entertainment privacy policy is only used in conjunction with this website and pages that are related to Ash-Lee Entertainment; I.E Facebook and Instagram.
All customer information that is obtained through this website and the previously mentioned pages, will follow in accordance with the new GDPR’s - (General Data Protection Regulations).
Ash-Lee Entertainment are, and forever will be, committed to protecting your personal data.
Whilst using our website, and related pages, we may collect the following information:
-  Your Contact information: name, company name, address, company address, email, company email, contact number.
-  Other important information: reviews of service and offers.
What we do with your information:
Ash-Lee Entertainment will refer to certain information to get a better understanding of events, and/or be more efficient during our parties and events.
Ash-Lee Entertainment may use your information for displaying reviews on our website; unless otherwise requested not to.
Controlling your personal information:
If you, the client, have previously allowed your data to be used, however have now decided to decline the use of the data, please let us know ASAP by emailing us at
Ash-Lee Entertainment will never sell or distribute your personal data to any third party/s, unless we have your permission in written documentation, or are required to by law.
You, the client, have every right to request any or all personal data held by Ash-Lee Entertainment, which is relevant to you under the Data Protection Act 1998 (amended in 2018), again by emailing us at
If there happens to be any information that you believe to be false, and/or out of date, please contact us ASAP, again by email at This is a necessity, as we will need to correct this to ensure we are compliant with all Data Protection, at all times.
Ash-Lee Entertainment wants you, the client, to be aware that our only responsibility is to keep your personal data safe, and that our privacy policy does not extend to other websites or pages, other than those related to Ash-Lee Entertainment.
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