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Please carefully read through all of our terms and conditions.
When booking a party with Ash-Lee Entertainment, please be aware that all of the following terms and conditions are extremely important, and as a result of accepting these terms and conditions, an official, and binding agreement is formed between both the company, Ash-Lee Entertainment, and the client.
  • Please note, that when making an enquiry, this does not secure a booking.
  • Parking must be local to the booking. Should it in fact be a pay and display, this is to be paid for by the organiser of the party.
  • All allergies, disabilities, and special requirements, are to be discussed with us prior to the party.
  • No one other than the entertainer, is allowed to use, or touch the equipment.
  • Ash-Lee Entertainment will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour or abuse, Should this happen, the entertainer has the right to leave the event immediately. Please note, payment will still need to be paid in this instance.
  • All deposits are non-refundable within 14 days of your booking.
  • Should any losses, or damages occur throughout the party, to which we have not caused ourselves; the entertainer shall not be held responsible.
  • The organiser shall be held both responsible, and accountable, to pay for any damages caused to the entertainers equipment, costumes and props.
  • Should you wish to book additional party extras, please give us a minimum of 7 Days notice.
  • Should, for any reason, we need to cancel your booking, we will issue a full refund. This is extremely unlikely to happen, however we cannot foresee situations out of our control.
  • Ash-Lee Entertainment are based in Essex, and cover the whole Country. However, should our entertainer be travelling further afield, additional fees may be added to cover travel costs / day rate.
  • Your entertainer is not responsible for the behaviour, and safety of the children.
  • All parties booked with Ash-Lee Entertainment are priced, and based on a maximum number of children per package. If this number is exceed, this is to be agreed with us at the time of your booking, where additional fees may occur.
  • Should there be any changes to your booking, please update us as soon as possible.
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